Month: September 2017

Cycling your tank SL-Aqua style

Cycling our tanks have always been the most important aspect of shrimp keeping. A good stabilised tank would give your shrimps a healthy and clean environment. Imagine our tank water as the air we breathe. Fresh healthy air would definitely be beneficial for us humans just like healthy tank waters would be beneficial for our […]

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Taiwan International Ornamental Shrimp Competition 2017 Results!

Hi guys! The past few days, I was in Taiwan for annual International¬†Ornamental Shrimp Competition for 2017. Although I did not win in any of the category that I have registered, it was still an extraordinary experience and I am glad that I was there. Here are the official results of the shrimp competition. Most […]

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Hidden Gems by KK Lam

Today we are fortunate enough to be invited to one of the hobbyist house to visit his shrimp tanks. Lam is great guy and have started this hobby about 3 months back. Although a short period into this hobby, Lam have very good knowledge in rearing these pets as he have been an animal lover […]

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