Hello friends, it’s been awhile since we have been updating this space. A little update to what’s happening with MADSHRIMP, we have been busy with revamping our boutique and also working towards Sulawesi shrimps and jungle plants. Putting all these together to give you a better experience in your shrimp keeping journey! Today, we like […]
Breeding tips
Hi guys, recently we have posted on facebook that we would like to hear what our audience would like to see on our blog. A very good suggestion from a fellow fan Mr Brian Chan had suggested that we can share some of the best breeding parameters for Caridina Cantonesis. What I am about to […]
All you need to know about NEOCARIDINA
Have you heard that Neocaridina Davidi is the easiest shrimp to keep? But yet, you either have no success in breeding them or even have a hard time keeping them alive? Let us share with you today, all you need to know about Neocaridina. For those who have success in these shrimps, some information here […]
Thailand is a land so filled with culture and traditions, we were so thrilled right in the heart of Chatuchak market looking at all the animals, plants, clothing and local delicacy like fried roaches and locust that we forgot that it was already late in the evening. Right before we leave the market, we definitely […]
Hello! We were busy last week as we made a visit to Thailand to learn and exchange information about shrimp keeping with fellow hobbyist. It was really an honor to have Shrimp Store Thailand to have us at their shop and also to do this interview with us. All the pictures that you see below […]
Good day! If you haven’t checked out the article on the Singapore Shrimp Competition, you can find out more here. Today, I would like to discuss about the needs to replace old soil or expired soil. Live soil is the foundation of your aquarium when it comes to shrimp keeping. It buffers parameters and also […]
INTERVIEW: Kelvin Wong
It’s been a while since we have done an interview with another fellow hobbyist and we are very lucky to have Mr Kelvin Wong, champion of the creative group from Singapore Shrimp Competition 2019. If you haven’t read about the competition that happened this year, check it out here. Kelvin have been in this hobby […]
The annual Singapore Shrimp Competition was held on the 10th August 2019 at Shrimps Affair this year. The event was great where shrimp hobbyist could gather to share their humble experience and also make friends. Shrimps Affair had put in a lot of effort to ensure that everything went smoothly and also to create a […]
Hi guys, how are you and your shrimps doing? If you have dying shrimps in your tank and found no solution to it. Fret not! MADSHRIMP is here to share with you exactly how you can set up a shrimp tank successfully. The right set up is the most important part of the hobby. It […]
Hello fams, once again thank you for reading my blogs. Your stay here definitely keeps me motivated in writing more articles and sharing my knowledge on shrimp keeping. We have many project on hand, but with limited manpower, we are trying our best to get everything going. Today I would like to share with you […]
Hello fams. A very good day to you! I’ve been reading most online forums about shrimp keeping and came across a topic on “Is water change necessary for shrimp tank?”. I think that this discussion is a very good one and I like to share my thoughts on this. Many years ago, while traveling in […]
How can our workshop help you?
We have recently conducted three workshops in MADSHRIMP on shrimp keeping for beginners. The response was great and we were glad everyone is happy! There are many information that you can find online about shrimp keeping, but what I am about to share in this workshop would be something mind blowing and definitely not something […]
A very good day to our readers today. Ever wonder why your shrimps die when you just purchase them from your local fish shop? Here is 3 reasons why. This post is not meant to hate but to give fellow hobbyist better understanding about these little critters. TimeMost LFS have way too many tanks to […]
Hello guys! We are happy to be co hosting this year’s Singapore Golden Shrimp Awards with Shrimps Affair. We had the first Singapore shrimp competition last year hosted by us at our crib, and moving forward this year, we will be expanding to a bigger scale event at Shrimps Affair. 2019 competition comes with more […]
Hello fams! With regards to my old blog post about pure lineage which you can find here, I would like to talk about adding new bloodline into your lineage after several generations. There have been news circulating that after inbreeding for several generations, you would see deformities in your future generations and the lifespan of […]
Caridina babaulti
Hello friends! Today we are here to share some facts about this beautiful shrimp Caridina Babaulti a.k.a Indian Zebra Shrimps! These shrimps are in their wild form and are a great addition to your shrimp tanks as they do not cross breed with other shrimps. Like their cousins, they feed on algae and other micro […]
Deadpool or Genepool?
We have been receiving this question from many hobbyist from around the world, and today we like to discuss about this. Our Galaxy Stardust from SL-Aqua have won numerous championship in different shrimp competition and we have been bragging about it. And the question from hobbyist would be so what? Now let’s just put our […]
Good minerals are very essential to our shrimps, they help give our shrimp strong and healthy shell that protects them from harm. Aside from that, a healthy shrimp would be able to molt properly with a healthy shell. Minerals flowing around in our aquarium and can be measured by TDS, a good amount of minerals […]
Is RODI Important?
The question of whether having a RODI system is very common to most aquatic hobbyist. Today, we are here to discuss about this question in detail to shrimp keeping. What is the meaning of RODI? RODI actually means Reverse Osmosis De Ionized. Reverse osmosis is the process of forcing water through a partially permeable membrane. […]
More mutations?
Hello again everyone, a very happy father’s day to all fathers reading this post. As we all know, cross breeding is so common now and many hobbyist are also focusing on mutations of their shrimps. In fact mutations is the main source of how this hobby started from normal bee shrimps to crystal red shrimps. […]
Gene shrimp
What exactly is a gene shrimp? What is the purpose of a gene shrimp? What is the value of a gene shrimp? Let’s answer these questions today! What is a gene shrimp? A gene shrimp is a shrimp that is of any pattern, but carries certain gene from the previous generation. Still confused? Here is an example […]
Why is it worth investing in a male
Many of us prefer to purchase female shrimps as they can reproduce and carry about 20 eggs at a time when they are berried. But here is why some male shrimps are more costly than female. While it is great to see your berried shrimps release their eggs and see tons of shrimplets in your […]
Price vs Quality
Hello friends! Back again with another blog post and this time, we will be talking about price versus quality. I’m sure many of you have done some shopping around the world as how technology makes it so easy for us to contact anyone in this world now. That would make comparing prices with different breeders […]
Coloured Eye Part 1
Hi guys, been awhile since I have updated here. Been really busy with our new expansion in office and also our trip to Taiwan. I had a few great opportunities to photograph some of the hobbyist shrimps in Singapore and in Taiwan, and I did manage to capture some great coloured eye shrimps. With tiger […]
How I would grade a Fishbone Pinto
Firstly, a very happy 2018 to all shrimpers from all over the world. I wish that every of your shrimps would get berried and give you lots of amazing shrimplets! I have previously talked about Pinto classifications and I have been asked by several hobbyist to further elaborate on Fishbone Pinto. You can look at […]
Water Parameters?
Ever wonder what is the best water parameters for your shrimps? There have been too many debates online regarding different shrimp water parameters, however there is no right answer to the question of “What is the best water parameters for your shrimp?”. Shrimps are able to live in a range of water parameters as long […]
The Champion Galaxy Fishbone
Hello again! It’s been awhile since I have updated here. A hectic final quarter for 2017! Nonetheless, we manage to get hold of the famous champion galaxy fishbone from SL-Aqua. Details of the shrimps have been carefully selected for us. Details such as the following: 1) A perfect fishbone pattern on the shrimp 2) Fine […]
Cycling your tank SL-Aqua style
Cycling our tanks have always been the most important aspect of shrimp keeping. A good stabilised tank would give your shrimps a healthy and clean environment. Imagine our tank water as the air we breathe. Fresh healthy air would definitely be beneficial for us humans just like healthy tank waters would be beneficial for our […]
Taiwan International Ornamental Shrimp Competition 2017 Results!
Hi guys! The past few days, I was in Taiwan for annual International Ornamental Shrimp Competition for 2017. Although I did not win in any of the category that I have registered, it was still an extraordinary experience and I am glad that I was there. Here are the official results of the shrimp competition. Most […]
Hidden Gems by KK Lam
Today we are fortunate enough to be invited to one of the hobbyist house to visit his shrimp tanks. Lam is great guy and have started this hobby about 3 months back. Although a short period into this hobby, Lam have very good knowledge in rearing these pets as he have been an animal lover […]
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