How can our workshop help you?

We have recently conducted three workshops in MADSHRIMP on shrimp keeping for beginners. The response was great and we were glad everyone is happy!

There are many information that you can find online about shrimp keeping, but what I am about to share in this workshop would be something mind blowing and definitely not something that you can find online.

See the thing is information about shrimp keeping is actually very scarce online. Whatever information that you find online is just base on theory or either obsolete information that is no longer valid and hobbyist have been following these information they find online blindly with no success. The shocking thing is that many hobbyist still tend to believe in these theories and continue to throw their money on these failed methods with ZERO success.

Our workshop is absolute free and if you are willing to learn, we will definitely be more than happy to have you at our crib. Our workshop covers most issues face by shrimp hobbyist and also some tips on how you can breed and grow your shrimps in a faster rate.

These methods are fool proof and it takes only seven simple steps for you to set up your shrimp tank successfully.

The workshop covers these important topics in shrimp breeding:
1) History of Neocaridina
2) Sexing your shrimp
3) How to set up a tank
4) How to maintain your tank
5) How to breed them successfully.

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  1. Hi, I just started shrimp keeping but does seems to work and shrimp just keep dying.
    Need help for you guys

    Contactable at 82002518

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