Hello friends, it’s been awhile since we have been updating this space. A little update to what’s happening with MADSHRIMP, we have been busy with revamping our boutique and also working towards Sulawesi shrimps and jungle plants. Putting all these together to give you a better experience in your shrimp keeping journey!

Today, we like to share how you can setup a Sulawesi tank successfully with Aqualex products and some things to look out for.

Sulawesi shrimps are beautiful and delicate creatures. They breed extremely fast and thrive well in our tropical climate. They are able to accept changes and adapt in their tank environment. Sulawesi shrimps hold their eggs for about 7-9 days, once the eggs are hatched, they get berried again quickly if the environment is good. So tell me, isn’t it great to have this critters in your tank?

A good tank size would be at least a one feet cube. Here is a step by step instruction on how you can set up your tank.

Step 1: Lay a thin layer of enzyme powder at the base of your tank. This helps with bacteria growth underneath the substrate that breaks down ammonia that builds up there.

Step 2: Lay a layer of S size volcanic substrate above the enzyme powder. If you like to build up volume, you can use larger size at the bottom then cover it up with small size substrate. This is important because Sulawesi shrimps are great diggers and are smaller in size. They can get trapped underneath the substrate if there are tiny gaps.

Step 3: Lay another layer of enzyme powder to help kick start the cycling process. Enzyme powder are great boosters that help speed up the nitrifying process.

Step 4: Fill it up with water next slowly and carefully. If your tank gets cloudy, don’t worry about it, it will settle down once your filtration system is setup. Once your water is in, start adding nitrifying bacteria. I use about 100ml for a one feet cube tank.

Step 5: Use water stabiliser to remove harmful substances that comes from our tap water. YES! We use tap water during our cycling phase as it is not really necessary to use RODI. However, after tank maintenance, we use RODI water as these shrimps need really clean water.

Step 6: You are almost there! Just one last important step to get the cycling process going. Dose in a huge amount of Aqualex baby food. These powder food will rot in the tank and help feed the bacteria. That would be 6 easy steps to set up your shrimp tank.

After your tank is fully cycled, a huge amount of biofilm and algae will grow in your tank. That is perfectly fine and you do not have to remove them. They provide your shrimps with good nutrients and also acts as a source of food for baby shrimps.

Credit to Nicky for sharing his tank with us

We have some live tanks over at MADSHRIMP that have Sulawesi shrimps breeding in them. If you would like to find out more, head over down and we would be glad to assist you in any questions. Sulawesi shrimps are generally very easy to keep, just maintain a TDS level of 100-150ppm and let the volcanic substrate take care of the rest of the parameters.

We have been using this set up for about a year on all our tanks and they have been working well. On top of that, our fellow hobbyist who have the same set up have come to share how it works so well for them. So for this period, we like to offer you a package that is less than a $100 with the following items for you to set up your Sulawesi tank.
1) 3L Volcanic substrate
2) 250ml Nitrifying Bacteria
3) 250ml gH conditioner
4) 250ml Water stabiliser
5) Enzyme Powder
6) Baby food

All for only the price of $98.00SGD! U.P $133.80.

All you have to do is share this page on facebook during purchase and you can get your Sulawesi tank going! The good news is 3000 new Sulawesi shrimps have just arrived today! So head on down, we will be waiting for you during our opening hours.


  1. Hi madshrimp, I’m very interesting in Sulawesi shrimps. I have a question about the water parameters. During full cycling the water will evaporate day by day, can I top up distilled water with treatment nutrients?

    Thanks you.

    1. Hello Vincent, yes you can top up the evaporated water with distill. Not sure about what treatment nutrients you are describing, but during cycling you need not add anything.

  2. Hi instead of RODI water, can I use distilled water from my dehumidifier, as it’s obtained from condensation I expect the water to be very clean too? Thanks

    1. Hello, we have not tried this method before. But as long as the water is 100% clean, it should be fine for your shrimps.

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