Taiwan Trip: Why Aqualex Part 2

Continuing on our journey in Taiwan, for those who have missed out part one you can check it out here.

While we were still in Oscar, Karen from SL-Aqua shared how SL-Aqua montmorillonite rock can help your shrimp tanks and lucky for technology, we did capture it on video!

Montmorillonite rock can be used in your shrimp tanks as it releases minerals and nutrients slowly. It does not affect your parameters as the change is too minute to be even measured. The minerals and nutrients helps with the coloration of your shrimps and base on what Karen shared in the video, when algae starts to grow on the rock, you can just scrap the algae off with the walls of your tank, and it looks good as new. The dust or residue which you have scrapped off can be used as food for your shrimps as well.

There is no expiry for this rock, it will slowly become smaller until it disappears in your tank. It is advisable to use about one or two rocks in a 1 feet shrimp tank. These rocks will be available on our web store in the upcoming shipment, so stay tune for it!

They also shared on how SL-Aqua Aqualex plant ferts have been their favourite brand for planted tanks right now. In fact, Aqualex plant ferts are being used in all Oscar’s planted tank as the staff have tested and proven that it works efficiently.

Check out how neat all their tanks are! I must say stepping into an aquarium shop in Taiwan is a totally different experience as compared to Singapore ones. The tanks are all well maintained, be it planted or livestocks and the aquarium is spacious and clean as well. I have posted a link on the addresses of all Oscar outlet in Taiwan in my previous post, so if you intend to visit one, do check my previous post out.

After visiting all the aquariums in Tainan, it’s time to head back to Miaoli to visit some shrimp farms~

Pit stop at my favourite tea shop in Taiwan 50岚, it’s all over Taiwan and definitely would bump into one.

Back in Miaoli we visited a couple of breeders and here are some pictures of their shrimps.

Deep blue bolt feasting on SL-Aqua Aqualex Vegetable Shrimp Feed

Aurablue shrimps feasting on SL-Aqua Aqualex Vegetable Shrimp Feed, loving these little critters. They look so amazing in a group!

A cull tank feasting on SL-Aqua Aqualex Snow Flake Shrimp Feed. That shrimp in the middle of this picture caught my eye 😉

Couple of branded bags over here~

I would call this the dirty blue bolt. A unique piece!

I’ll be sharing more pictures in my next post, especially shrimps from Taiwan top breeder!

That’s all folks and happy shrimping. Leave me a feedback at demin@madshrimp.com. If you would like your shrimps to be photographed by me, do drop me an email as well and we can discuss further.

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