Taiwan Trip: Why Aqualex Part 3

Hello there!

Continuation to our Taiwan trip, we are heading to my favourite breeder right now.

Taiwan as compared to Singapore, it is so much more bigger than our tiny country, all the driving had made us extremely tired but as all hobbyist, looking at shrimps always make us less tired and gets us all excited.

As I have mentioned earlier, we were extremely tired so pardon all the dark circles.

Here we have a picture with Jeff and 汤大哥 who have won countless awards in different shrimp competitions. It is always a pleasure to meet him and we learnt so much from him through his years of experience as a shrimp breeder. A real friendly and humble person and as all Taiwanese are, their hospitality is awesome! Check out all his medals!

Well, straight to the breeding room then~

I call this the dark knight! A beautiful piece from his cull tank with a little purple hue.

Not too sure what they call this, but it is another amazing piece from one of his tanks! Looks like specks of silver dust all over this shrimp.

A beautiful fishbone galaxy! All shrimp tanks are handled with gloves to keep cleanliness at it’s highest level.

Here is a video of his galaxy fishbone tank. It is extremely bad for your bank account! 汤大哥 is very careful when handling his tanks and he keeps his breeding room as clean as possible as he feels that this is one important aspect in breeding successfully.

He culls his shrimps actively to maintain a good bloodline for the future generation. Only the best is selected to be kept in his main tank while the rest are being transferred to another tank.

Here we have Jeff sharing on how Aqualex Dark Water Extract can help with your shrimp tank. During water change, nutrients and minerals that comes from your soil gets removed and dark water extract can help replace this loss of nutrients and minerals. It helps with survival of shrimplets and boost immunity of shrimps. It is made from all natural ingredients and it can be poured directly into your tank without affecting your parameters which he demonstrated in the video. It is recommended to pour one capful of it in your shrimp tank on a weekly basis, one capful is suitable for a two feet tank.

汤大哥 uses only SL-Aqua Aqualex products and it have worked extremely well for him. He mentioned that it is a reliable product and it has made shrimp keeping so much more easier as compared to the past where they have none of these.

He also advise on the use of snowflakes which provides your shrimps with a constant food source. He uses a small pallet each week and leaves it in the tank till it’s all eaten up. However, on a daily basis, he still feeds shrimp feed as they are pack with nutrients that will boost the growth of shrimp.

Here we have another video of Jeff sharing on how Aqualex Vitamins for shrimps can help your shrimps. It can help with your shrimp immunity and also increase survival rate of your shrimplets. The best part of this product is that it helps your shrimps get berried.

You will notice that your shrimps will be more active after using this, as shrimps with weaker genes, they tend to be less active and not eat the food which you feed. This will just cause the shrimp to die eventually as it does not have enough nutrients in the body. With vitamins in the water, the shrimp will absorb it through it’s body and provide it with the nutrients that it needs.

In the video, Jeff demonstrated that this can be poured directly into your shrimp tank. In this instance, he had used this product on one of the most expensive shrimps and it proves to work well for the shrimps! It is recommended to dose one capful every weekly, more frequent doses if you have shrimplets in your tank.

汤大哥 have won countless award for his Pure Red Line shrimps, here is one of the beauties from his tank.

As you can see, Aqualex is proven to give your shrimp the best and has made shrimp breeding so much more easier.

MADSHRIMP also works closely with our suppliers to give our customers the best for their shrimps. We believe in customers satisfaction and providing customers with a product that can bring value to them. Hence, your feedbacks are always taken seriously and with our close relationships with our suppliers, we can get your issues sorted out even at manufacturer level, and not to mention, get all your questions answered by our suppliers as well.

As a matter of fact, we take our business seriously and learn from our suppliers how these products can benefit the end users and would like to share all these information with all of you. We are not just another web store, we are here to create a different experience for all hobbyist out there.

I will be sharing the last part of our trip soon so stay tuned for it! Lastly, if you have any feedback, please email us at hello@madshrimp.com. If you would like to purchase any of the shrimps from the breeders, you can email me at demin@madshrimp.com.

Thank you for reading and happy shrimping!

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