Taiwan Trip: Why Aqualex?

We had a fruitful trip last week back in Taiwan. Aside from all the delicious food, we have a lot of new insights on Taiwan’s aquatic world and also had some sharing sessions with some of the staff over there.

We also had some personal sharing session with the boss of SL-Aqua Jeff and more importantly, our signing of contract for distributorship in Singapore for SL-Aqua Aqualex series.

From left to right we have Joseph, Demin(Myself), Kevin and Jeff

We do receive a lot of questions from fans on whether Aqualex series is the same as the previous SL-Aqua series. The answer for that would be yes. Aqualex series uses the same formula for all products as before. However, there are some improvement to certain products and they use higher quality ingredients on Aqualex series.

SL-Aqua have been constantly monitoring their products and also maintains strict quality control on all their products and thus, they have achieved the prestigious Taiwan Golden Brand which you can find out more in the International Trade Association of R.O.C website here.

After all that knowledge being absorbed into our brains, it is time to relax ourselves at some fantastic hot spring resort in Taiwan.

Shrimps aside, if you ever visit Miaoli, I would highly recommend this hot spring resort. It is a 5 star resort and definitely worth the money to stay here for the day or night to rejuvenate yourself from the stressful world. You can find out more about the resort here (I’m not paid to advertise this, it’s just too fantastic that I have to recommend this place).

Onward to day 2~

We visited some aquarium all the way south at Tainan named Oscar. Oscar carries all products of Aqualex and you can locate their stores here. We had learned that Aqualex vitamin can be used to aid your dying fishes by putting your dying fishes into a tank that is highly concentrated with Aqualex vitamin. How would that actually help your dying fish?


They had tried some experiments on angelfish that have been poisoned by ammonia, making the fish restless and also causes the fish to not eat whatever you feed them. Without sufficient nutrients, your fish will start to get even more restless and eventually die due to lack of nutrients. Soaking your fish in highly concentrated vitamins would ensure that their bodies absorb these vitamins and prolong the fish’s life for it to recover. They raise the recommended dosage by 10 times and it worked about 90% of the time. They did mentioned that by prolonging the life of the fish, it would depend on the will of the fish to survive as well. They have also tested this on Arowana and Sting Rays as when the livestock have arrived at the shop, it usually is stressed out, and by increasing dosage on vitamins, and it have proven to work well to keep the fish alive. Very interesting usage on this product!

Aqualex Vitamins for fish is currently on our web store now!

I will be sharing more on our Taiwan trip in the next post and we have a special guest to introduce some products that can help with your shrimps. What’s a post without any shrimp picture?

These shrimps belongs to one of the top breeders in Taiwan which I will also share in the later post! That’s all for now, do me a favour and like our Facebook page here.

2 thoughts on “Taiwan Trip: Why Aqualex?

  1. May I know which product is sufficient since there are quite a few products meant for shrimps.
    Is Tm-1 enough or is it going to be a combination of a few products?
    What do you recommend?

    1. Hi Jon, different products is catered to different needs. But if you are starting out a new tank, you can follow our guide on what to get in our post 🙂

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