Taiwan Trip: Finale

Recap on the places we went in Taiwan since day 1.

-Landed in Taiwan, head to SL-Aqua office.
-Signed our contract agreement.
-Head over to Tainan to learn more from the staff from Oscar.
-Travelled back to Miaoli to look at shrimp farms.
-Drive over to 汤大哥 house for the last stop and you can read more about him over here.

Here is continuation of some of his shrimps. We learnt from the breeders that if you do have a thick layer of soil, it would be good to vacuum a small area of your soil during water change. This will help remove all the rotting food and shit that have seep to the bottom of the tank which will cause ammonia spikes. It is suggested to vacuum different areas slowly so as not to get all the dirt up to your tank in one shot.

In an established tank, ammonia is one of the top causes for shrimp death. Therefore to maintain a low level of ammonia, it is best to constantly replenish your beneficial bacteria on a daily basis. Most of them have their bacterias in spray bottles diluted with RO water, they spray it into their tank almost twice a day.

A cull PBL munching on SL-Aqua Veggie Feed. These beauties looks so awesome even when they are considered cull.

In this video, Jeff is sharing on how Aqualex Plant Fert for shrimp tank can help your shrimps.

Here is a summary of what he said: This product does not have any nitrate element in it. It has phosphoric acid and potassium and these can help your shrimp shell shine. It works extremely well for your PRL or PBL as it gives the white a good shine. You can use a measuring tube and pour directly about 2-3ml into a 3 feet tank daily. It does not increase your gH and prolong use can really help give your shrimp shell that shiny effect. A product that can help both your shrimps and plants in a shrimp tank. As seen in the video, Jeff had dose this product directly into a tank filled with top grade PRL.

One of the most traditional shrimps but yet still able to maintain it’s beauty in the eyes of many hobbyist!

Black Nanacy taking a poop!
I have to be thankful that these breeders do not have a credit card machine!

Here is a close up of the dark knight from my previous post! For some reason, this piece just caught my eye. It stood still all the way for me to snap a picture of it!

Here we have another video of Jeff sharing how Aqualex gH conditioner(Blue Wizard) can help your shrimp tank. It is a very straight forward product, it helps increase the gH and TDS of your tank, mainly the level of gH and TDS would affect the success of molting of your shrimps. Add a little into your tank and monitor how much it raises your TDS and adjust the dosage accordingly. It can be poured directly into your tank, or you can adjust your RO water in a holding container to your desired level then drip the water into your tank.

I also learnt that they reset their tanks pretty frequently. They believe that a newly established well cycled tank have the best water condition for the shrimps, it helps the shrimps grow faster and gets the females berried much faster as well. They reset their tanks every 8-9 months approximately.

Galaxy shrimps tend to have more distinct spots as they mature, look at the amount of spots these shrimplets already have! Can’t imagine when they start to grow bigger.

Frequent water change can trigger your female to molt, thus causing them to grow bigger and also get berried faster. The more frequent your female get berried, the shorter the life span of the shrimp due to stress while carrying her eggs.

Also, the bigger your female, the more eggs she can carry on her as well. I have ever seen 汤大哥 had one black nanacy in his tank that was as big as 4cm!

During the later stage of your shrimp, your shrimp color will start to fade as it grows older, it is very common and some hobbyist mistaken this, thinking that their water parameters are affecting the shrimp. They start to panic and change the water parameters which eventually causes the shrimp to die. Older shrimps are more sensitive, the slightest shock in their system could cause them to die just like that.

Well that’s all for our Taiwan trip and we hope you enjoyed what we shared. We can’t be sure that everything we have shared works for you, but these are definitely first hand knowledge being shared from professional breeders. Every breeder or hobbyist have their own way of handling their shrimps and there is no right or wrong answer, as long as it works for you, it’s definitely great!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our supporters who have been following us. Some of which have pm’d me on some errors in my post and I do appreciate that a lot.

Also would like to thank SL-Aqua for their great hospitality in Taiwan, you can check out their website over here. I have seen SL-Aqua grow from just one product to where they are right now and I can’t be more than happy to see Jeff and his team grow into one of the industry giant. They are a very humble team that constantly seeks to improve themselves as a whole to give the world the best.

Many thanks to my two partners Joseph and Kevin who have the same common goal, that is to create an extraordinary experience for all hobbyist out there.

Lastly, Eric Martens, founder of Discobee. Can’t thank you more than enough for all the honest feedbacks and creative ideas which you have given me even though we are miles apart. Eric is a great guy and he have some very interesting articles on his website which you can check out here.

Once again thank you for reading and happy shrimping. If you have any enquiries, feel free to email me at demin@madshrimp.com.

We will be restocking very soon, the products are being manufactured as you are reading this and it should reach us by early September.

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