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What our customers are saying

Great consultation provided by Demin and really dedicated guy who make the trouble to deliver the Z1 and Nitrifying Bacteria himself over to save my tank from crashing! Greatly appreciated and thanks! Excellent customer service!

Joseph is friendly, professional and committed and he will exceed your expectations. Good variety of beautiful, quality livestock. It is a pleasure to shop at Madshrimp!

Would highly recommend this gem. Really thankful and grateful that Demin and Joseph are conducting beginner workshops to educate us on the SL aqua method for setting up a neo tank! Will definitely drop by to get shrimps after my tank has cycled! Thank you!!

Very friendly and helpful boss, gave great advice and tips on raising shrimp, definitely will be back again. Their homemade shrimp food madfu: herb sticks are great as well and not expensive at all 😁 great place for beginners as well as experienced keepers definitely.

Went for a training over the weekend. Was really impressed with their product knowledge and high grade shrimp settings. Excellent place for kaki who are into shrimps to buy products are top quality crustaceans.