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At Madshrimp, we want to solve the biggest problem in shrimp-keeping: everyone is guessing. Accurate information is not readily available and everyone else is just trying to monetize their own interests.

Shrimp keepers need to know what works for their shrimps, how to cycle the tanks and most importantly how to breed and ensure a thriving population. Collectively, we have over 8 years of experience in shrimp keeping – yearly Taiwan trips for shrimp shows, shrimp farms and to learn directly from masters and shrimp breeders.

As firm believer of quality shrimps, products and services. Madshrimp started out as a FB group to facilitate in knowledge sharing and shrimp trading between hobbyists. That focus slowly expanded over to distributing quality shrimp keeping products and shrimps.

Our aim is to assist each hobbyist perfect their tanks. As master crafters, we will help you achieve your perfect tank in the most cost effective and productive manner.