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Breeding tips

Posted by Mad Shrimp on
Breeding tips

Hi guys, recently we have posted on facebook that we would like to hear what our audience would like to see on our blog. A very good suggestion from a fellow fan Mr Brian Chan had suggested that we can share some of the best breeding parameters for Caridina Cantonesis.

What I am about to share is base on my experience in shrimp keeper and not on any scientific theory etc.

Firstly, parameters do play an important role. They have to be in the safe levels as below:
pH: 6-6.8
gH: 2-5
kH: 0-1
TDS: 80-200
Temperature: 22-26 degrees celcius

As long as your shrimps are in these parameters, they are good to be breeding for you. But what I have notice is that keeping the parameters at certain levels definitely help improve the breeding rate. I will touch on them one by one.

For pH, shrimps tend to breed faster in the range of 6.5-6.8. I’ve noticed that when i lower my pH to about 6.2, the color of my shrimps were very vibrant, however growth rate and breeding rate have decreased. I have tried this on different shrimps and in different tanks and the results was the same. Subsequently I increased the pH of my tanks to about 6.8 and they started breeding in a much faster rate. Females after hatching, gets berried again in less than 3 days. However, by increasing your pH to this level, your shrimp will lose it’s color, but compensated by breeding faster.

For gH, kH and TDS, the lower they are, the better it is for your shrimps to breed. TDS kept at below 100 would be best for the shrimps to breed. gH and kH is best to be kept at minimal with gH being 2 and kH being 0.

Basically, softer water with cool temperatures helps the shrimps to breed faster. Parameters aside, it would be good to have a decent population in your tank to start your breeding colony. A decent colony would depend on your tank size. A good number base on a 1 feet cube tank, would be 20 to 30 shrimps, and a ratio of 1 male to 3 female.

Shrimp breeding is rather easy. Try not to add materials inside your tank that adjust parameters. Let your soil and bacteria do the work. With that being said, a good soil and bacteria is very important.

If you have any questions about shrimp breeding, you can comment below or email us at Thank you for reading.

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  • Low Jia Yi on

    Hi, I just started this hobby 1 month in, I am very interested in breeding caridina and neo caridina.
    My parameters are
    ph 6.4-6.8
    gh 4
    kh 0-1
    tds 160.
    I started off with tap water adding prime. but have been replacing with 3l distill water and bee shrimp mineral, 20%measuring spoon they give.
    my tank is 30*30*35.
    every 3-5 days sometimes I find death of my PRL. and I see my neo caridina having saddle but not berried.
    Do you think there is anything to improve here to make it better? like I was thinking of purchasing the madfu minerals+?
    or lower my TDS to 100
    I do have chiller, temperature at 23-24.
    Any advise would be good, thanks:)

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