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Caridina Babulti

Posted by Mad Shrimp on
Caridina Babulti

Hello friends!

Today we are here to share some facts about this beautiful shrimp Caridina Babaulti a.k.a Indian Zebra Shrimps! These shrimps are in their wild form and are a great addition to your shrimp tanks as they do not cross breed with other shrimps.

Like their cousins, they feed on algae and other micro organism in your tanks. The only difference is that they are a lot more hardier than your usual Caridina shrimps. These shrimps can live in a wide range of parameters as below.

pH: 6-7.5
gH: 2-8
TDS: 70-200
Temperature: 22-29 degrees celsius

They come in two different color base, blue and gold color. Depending on the base color of the shrimps, the long skunk stripe from head to tail follows the base color of the shrimp. The black stripes on the shrimps are usually even out from their head to tail with little shimmering spots all over their body. The unique golden eye of these shrimps are also very special and look different from your usual shrimps.

They grow to a maximum size of about 1.6cm and holds about 10-16 eggs when they get berried. Yes they are much smaller than their cousins, however in terms of feeding, they are equally aggressive!

We keep these shrimps together with our Crystal Red Shrimps and hence, they live in the same parameters as them. We have lots of planted hobbyist coming to grab these shrimps as they look great with a green environment. Overall, they do not die as easily as the Caridina cantonesis, they can be very good algae eaters and also beautifies your tank. So what’s stopping you from adding these shrimps into your tank?

We are looking for distributor for these shrimps worldwide and if you have any interest in these shrimps, feel free to drop us an email at

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