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Coloured Eye - Part 1

Posted by Mad Shrimp on
Coloured Eye - Part 1

Hi guys, been awhile since I have updated here. Been really busy with our new expansion in office and also our trip to Taiwan.

I had a few great opportunities to photograph some of the hobbyist shrimps in Singapore and in Taiwan, and I did manage to capture some great coloured eye shrimps. With tiger shrimps being able to live in CRS conditions, many different variant have been found and today, I would like to share some of the pictures that I have captured in the past.

Here is a great piece from one of our local breeders. He has a whole tank of what he calls “Yellow eye yellow king kong”. They look extremely special as the eye and body are as one colour.

They are breeding true at a high percentage right now and I believe it will be soon before he releases some of these beauties.

Here we have another beauty from the same breeder. I like to call it the “Orange eye orange tiger”. It is a an orange version of the above shrimp, note the difference between the yellow eyes and orange eyes. I have also heard that yellow eyes are a lot more difficult to produce due to genetics as compared to orange eyes.

Check out the Orange eye orange tiger in a tank of coloured eye shrimps! They look so amazing in a bunch snatching for food.

The tank consist mainly of these “Ghost shrimps” with transparent body and golden eye. Only a few pieces are carefully selected out to another tank for breeding. These shrimps will definitely be a trend in the coming future when they are breed in mass quantity so watch out for these!

This is another interesting piece from another local breeder. He calls it the “Flame eye red tiger”. The eye colour is a slight pinkish rather than red. He is still in the process of refining the gene of this shrimp to breed true at a higher percentage. But also definitely something to look out for.

These are just some that I have managed to capture throughout my journey. I have seen a lot more interesting ones in Taiwan and will be setting out a project to capture those beauties when I have the chance. The evolution of the eye colour is simply amazing with yellow, golden, red, pink and even orange.

If you have any interest in getting some of these beauties from the breeders, hit me up at, or send in your interesting shrimps to the same email for sharing! I will be launching part 2 of this article once I have capture more photos the ones in Taiwan.

Thanks for reading and happy shrimping!

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