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Cross breeding in a nutshell

Posted by Mad Shrimp on
Cross breeding in a nutshell

Crystal shrimp breeding have evolved rapidly throughout the years when it first started. Right in the early years, it was just simply “Crystal Red Shrimp” and slowly, after the rise of “Taiwanbees”, there is a wide variation of shrimp now due to crossbreeding.

Today, I would like to share a little about some basics on cross breeding. For those who have great knowledge on biology would probably have known this.

Till date, this has seem to be proven in crystal shrimp breeding in Taiwan. Now let us take a look at an example in the Table below.


Let us assume that we are crossing between a pure crystal red shrimp and a pure crystal black shrimp for this case and what we want to observe is the coloration of the offspring.

A capital letter would represent the dominant genes.

A small letter would represent the recessive genes.

In this case, as we are using pure lineage, there would be no recessive colors in the shrimp itself, which is why both alleles are represented with a capital letter.

From the above table, the offspring of the two would be all black as black is a more dominant color than red by nature.

Now take note that in the offspring, the shrimplets will inherit certain traits from the parents, and at the same time, some of them would be remove in the process. I would share more in the later topics of these so stay tuned!.

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