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Interview: Ebiclub Thailand

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Interview: Ebiclub Thailand

Thailand is a land so filled with culture and traditions, we were so thrilled right in the heart of Chatuchak market looking at all the animals, plants, clothing and local delicacy like fried roaches and locust that we forgot that it was already late in the evening. Right before we leave the market, we definitely have to make a stop at Ebiclub Thailand. One of the most iconic store where shrimp hobbyist would go to.

It started to rain heavily as we make our way to Ebiclub. After battling through the floods and rain, we manage to locate Ebiclub at Chatuchak Market fish section B. You can never miss the store front of Ebiclub as it is plastered with a huge poster of shrimp. Right as you enter the shop, you will be greeted with plenty of shrimps, the shop owner K and his lovely wife.

Ebiclub started as a planted tank aquarium many years ago. They were previously known as Aquamart and then changed his name to Ebiclub as he became more focus into the shrimp business. Fortunately for us, we manage to grab an interview with K. A seemingly intimidating man, but inside is a soul so gentle and kind just like me :p

MADSHRIMP: Being in the business for so long, tell us a little history about your store.
Ebiclub: We started off as a normal aquarium here in Chatuchak market, eventually I renamed the store as I began to focus more on shrimps and plants. As the demand for hobbyist change every year, I still continue to improvise by bringing in what hobbyist want and also provide tissue cultured plants in Thailand.

MADSHRIMP: Is this tissue cultured plant business new?
Ebiclub: It has been ongoing for a while now, I started it because I want hobbyist to know that we can have shrimps together with plants. Most hobbyist shrimp tanks are just bare without plants, with some slow growing and hardy plants, they can beautify your tank and also create a good environment for your shrimp. A tank with some greens is always therapeutic.

MADSHRIMP: I see you have this cool looking coconut plant in your tank, could you tell us more about this?
Ebiclub: This plant use to be very common, there is an oversupply of this plant many many years ago. However, it became hard to find now so I stock these up when I saw them. They are Tonina sp Uaupes. They are very hardy and looks good in a shrimp tank. I am not selling them yet, but they go for around 500 baht per stalk.

MADSHRIMP: Your Neocaridina tanks are amazing, how do you maintain that amount of shrimp in a tiny tank?
Ebiclub: Thai neos unlike the Taiwan neos are a lot hardier. The shrimps are bred locally and can survive in extreme parameters. There are more than 500 shrimps or more in the tank and death is usually very minimal. I manage all my tanks using Benibachi products and so far, they work very well for me. As long as you create a good bacteria colony, it shouldn’t be too difficult. The two most popular neos are the Fire Red and Golden Orange neos.

MADSHRIMP: What shrimps are popular now in Thailand?
Ebiclub: PRL Fancy Tiger. These shrimps are more popular here in Thailand as compared to the other conventional shrimps. Prices for these shrimps are high so the customer base for these shrimps is quite small. The usual hobbyist would still focus more on PRL and some going into PRL Fancy Tigers will start with the lower grade ones first.

MADSHRIMP: I notice that you use Mironekuton in all your shrimp tanks. Why?
Ebiclub: Mironekuton, or old sea mud has many benefits to your shrimp. It absorbs ammonia and also releases 70 different minerals that help your shrimp. It is a slow release mineral rock that helps baby growth and also adult to molt properly. It is a must for me in all my shrimp tank. I have been using it for many years and it never fails me. You should try it!

MADSHRIMP: In your opinion, what is the key essential to a successful tank?
Ebiclub: Water quality and good minerals. Good water quality creates the environment for our shrimps. Therefore, a good and strong bacteria colony is important. Minerals on the other hand helps strengthen our shrimps and also for them to grow properly. These are the two key factors about shrimp keeping.

MADSHRIMP: How have your business grown in Thailand throughout the years?
Ebiclub: I have customers locally and overseas as well, such as Singapore, Cambodia, Myanmar and even Vietnam. The main thing about the aquatic business is that you have to source for things that are not so common. This gives your business certain leverage on others as well. I have to be constantly aware of the trend as well so I can understand what my customers want.

That is the end of our interview with K. A great guy with many years of knowledge about shrimp keeping. Ebiclub have also created their own line of shrimp food called Ebisu, it is crafted by the boss himself and also one of the best shrimp food you can find in Thailand.

Ebiclub also carry shrimps from the least expensive Neocaridinas to the most expensive Caridina. They have a wide variety of products to chose from as well. A word of advise, wear flip flops to Chatuchak, usually when it rains, part of the area of the market gets flooded. Otherwise, the weather is extremely hot. With the sun in Thailand, it is best to apply sunblock before heading out.

This is the end of our adventure in Thailand. We hope to bring you more the next time in our future trips. If you like more information or have any suggestions, feel free to email me at

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