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Post Singapore Ornamental Shrimp Competition

Posted by Demin Wong on
Post Singapore Ornamental Shrimp Competition

If you have joined us in the PetExpo that happened in 2023, we would like to thank you for visiting us there! This year, we are very honored to have been invited by PetExpo to host the Singapore Ornamental Shrimp Competition. We are thrilled to be part of the expanding segment of aquarium fish in Singapore, as PetExpo has traditionally focused on dogs, cats, and birds.

While there are some hiccups to the entire event, we really thank everyone for being understanding and helping us through the event to ensure that it was a great one. This year, we opened five categories mainly Fire Red, Blue Bolt, Crystal Red Mosura, Red Stardust and Red Fancy Tiger.

I also like to take this opportunity to thank the judges, Mr Koh from Aquarist Chamber and Mr K from Ebiclub Thailand to make time specially just for this event.

From left to right: Mr Koh (Aquarist Chamber), Mr Demin (MADSHRIMP), Mr K (Ebiclub Thailand).

Fire Red Category
The Fire Red entry was one of the hardest to grade due to the similarity of almost every shrimp there. One entry that struck as unique and difficult to purify its line goes to champion with a thick red masking on its back.

The three winners for the Fire Red category are as follows:

1st: Richard Neo
2nd: Lee Xiao Jie
3rd: Ooi Boon Hooi

Blue Bolt Category
Another tough match up with all the stunning Blue Bolts from everyone. Whether is the matte type deep Blue Bolts or bright shiny deep Blue Bolts, each judge has their own personal preference. The top three came in really close with the points and one emerge victorious.

The three winners for the Blue Bolt category are as follows:

1st: Mr Darren
2nd: Mr Richard Neo
3rd: Mr Pierre

Crystal Red Mosura Category
The classic red and white crystal red shrimp is definitely everyone's favourite when it comes to shrimp keeping. Back in the past when this shrimp was first introduced into the market, it has been categorised into three groups mainly V-banded, Hinomaru and Mosura. In this section here, the Mosura category was chosen as the competing factor. Mosura typical means flowerhead and has to have a thick white body with flower like pattern on its head. Here we have the three winners!

The three winners for the Crystal Red Mosura category are as follows:

1st: Mr Ong Wei Cong
2nd: Mr Alvin Chen
3rd: Mr Kelvin Wong

Red Fancy Tiger Category
One of the most exciting category this year, the Red Fancy Tiger makes all the audiences that walk pass go WOW. Here are the winners.

The three winners for the Red Fancy Tiger category are as follows:

1st: Mr Michael Koh
2nd: Mr Ong Wei Cong
3rd: Mr Kelvin Wong

Red Stardust Category
Lastly, the category with the most entry. The Red Stardust sees almost close to 10 entry this season. Here are the winners.

The three winners for the Red Stardust category are as follows:

1st: Mr Kelvin Wong
2nd: Mr Denis Poon
3rd: Mr Kelvin Wong

Grand Champion
The grand champion is crowned to the one with the highest score among all the entry. As the Red Fancy Tiger champion comes very close to winner, the Red Stardust champion Mr Kelvin Wong emerges as the champion with 7 points off the perfect score.

We like to thank everyone once again for making this event a successful one and look forward to hosting the event again next year. Through this event, we have made many wonderful friends and also learnt a lot from the participants and judges. If you like to join the MADSHRIMP community, follow us on our socials and join us in our Telegram group chat.


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