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Sulawesi Series: Cardinal Dennerli

Posted by Mad Shrimp on
Sulawesi Series: Cardinal Dennerli

Hello once again. Thank you for always reading my blog. I will be launching a series of blog post sharing about different kinds of Sulawesi shrimps. Nonetheless, this would be the first post of the series and we definitely have to start of with the most popular Sulawesi White Sock shrimp.

Sulawesi White Sock a.k.a Sulawesi White Spot a.k.a Caridina Dennerli, a shrimp with different names due to its popularity everywhere. White socks are one of the easiest breed to keep and are quite forgiving in terms of water parameters.


These shrimps have a red base body covered with white blueish spots all over their body with the distinctive white color claws which gives them the name “White Sock”, as it seems like these claws are wearing a white colored sock. 

Caridina Dennerli are very shy in nature as are most Sulawesi shrimps. I would recommend keeping your tank simple so that you can spot them easily. Having more population helps these shrimps come out of hiding. Avoid keeping fish as they will eat up the baby shrimps. A dedicated tank to shrimps would be the best for them.


The parameters to look out for them would be at these values:
pH: 7.5 – 8.5
TDS: 90-110 (With RODI water)
gH: 3-5 

A clean tank is also very important, I do a monthly routine of water change and also vacuum up my gravel. This is important so that the nitrate content remains low in my tank throughout.

Sulawesi shrimps have a smaller built as compared to their cousins, pregnant females will carry around 12-16 eggs each time and takes around 20 days to hatch. Once they start breeding, they can’t stop!


As these shrimps are really shy, it is recommended to feed powder food, so they get the sufficient nutrients when your tank runs out of algae. Powder food floats around your tank and allows them to grab it when it passes by them. I noticed the increase in spawning rate since the introduction of powder food in my tanks. The thing to take note is that overfeeding will cause a spike in nitrate, start slow by feeding a little each time.

No special care is required when the eggs are hatched. Shrimplets will roam around freely grabbing or finding whatever they can to eat.

If you are starting out a Sulawesi tank, this shrimp would definitely be one that you should consider. They are hardy and easy to maintain with clean water. A must have for all Sulawesi lovers!


If you like to take a look at the actual shrimp, feel free to head down to our crib or visit our partners at Aquatic Avenue or Wildboar Fishroom. For export or local distribution, you can contact me at Have fun shrimping!

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