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Sulawesi Shrimps: FAQ

Posted by Mad Shrimp on
Sulawesi Shrimps: FAQ

Hi guys, recently we have been doing a series of facebook live and have received numerous response. So today I like to do a short post on three FAQ on Sulawesi shrimps.

1) Do we have to add mineral salts to increase the pH of the water for our Sulawesi shrimps?
No. Base on our experience, having stable parameters is what is most important for these shrimps. We have been importing Sulawesi shrimps for the past one year and they are all surviving and breeding well in our tanks.

I maintain a pH of about 7.5 using Aqualex volcanic substrate and it works extremely well for the shrimps. The only shrimps we didn’t had much success in breeding is the Harlequin shrimp which probably requires really high pH as they come from another lake in Sulawesi.

Aside from the tank setup, we do water change every week. I change about 10% of the tank water and top it up with RODI water and Aqualex gH minerals. That is the ONLY maintenance I do on a weekly basis. The shrimps love it and you should try it!

2) Can I house Sulawesi shrimps together with Neocaridina?
Yes. Neocaridina can live in a wide range of parameters with pH as low as 6 and pH as high as 7.8. What you can do is to create the environment for your Sulawesi shrimps and have these Neocaridina acclimatised to the tank parameters.

All our Sulawesi shrimp tank have Sulawesi shrimps and Neocaridina housed together. I added in the Neocaridina as the Sulawesi shrimps are always hiding and looking a little boring. I noticed that once I added the Neocaridina in, the Sulawesi starts to come out of hiding a little more.

3) What food should I feed my Sulawesi shrimp?
I personally feed them with powder food only. As the shrimps are really really shy, they don’t come out to feed when you throw a pellet. I use Aqualex baby food and it works well for me as I notice that the shrimps get berried fast and baby shrimps grow up faster.

I feed twice a day, one in the morning and one in the evening. The only thing about feeding powder food is that you have to be careful with dosage because you can’t tell when the shrimp had enough. So I will always start with a small dosage and increase when I observe how my shrimps react to it.

So that is it folks, three FAQ on Sulawesi shrimps and we will continue to add more when we have receive more questions about these shrimps. If you have other questions, feel free to drop me an email at

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