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Top 5 tips before buying a pure lineage

Posted by Mad Shrimp on
Top 5 tips before buying a pure lineage

Thinking of purchasing a pure lineage shrimp? Well here are 5 tips that will help you with your shopping.

1. Low grade or high grade?
The first thing that comes to everyone mind would be the price of the shrimp when it comes to pure lineage. Pure lineage can be very expensive, so the other alternative for most hobbyists would be to start off with the lower grade pure lines.

A good way to differentiate between a low grade and a high grade pure lineage is the thickness of the shell. The higher grade shrimps are usually more sensitive because they have very thick shells, the thickness of the shell affects the shrimp in many ways, therefore, you must put delicate care into maintaining your tank water. So with that being said, having success in breeding low grade pure lineage doesn’t mean you would be successful when you come into the real game with the high grade pure lineage.

In short, don’t waste time “trying” low grade pure lineage, it’s as good as breeding the normal Crystal Red Shrimps.

2. You pay for what you get
When purchasing your high end shrimp, always keep this one thing in mind:
“You pay for what you get”
You can never cut yourself a good deal in the shrimp world. Top breeders put a lot of work and pride into breeding out the best of their pure lineage. Therefore, they wouldn’t be selling it at a low price. People who usually sells high grade pure lineage at a low prices are scams.

Louis Vuitton or Chanel don’t sell bags at $50 each…

3. Make sure you pay for what you get
When purchasing your high grade pure lineage, make sure you are there personally to see the shrimp being packed and delivered to your hands.

Since you are already paying at a premium, do expect premium service from the breeder or the shop. I have seen many people selling of high grade pure lineage through just pictures alone, after which, there will be lots of debate on the quality of the shrimp between the seller and the buyer.

4. Pick up the shrimp personally
Shrimp coloration may differ in different water parameters, it would be good practice that the seller would invite the buyer to his/her place to take a look at the shrimp before purchase. This way, you would protect yourself from any issues after purchase.

You feel better buying a Rolex in the authentic boutique rather than an online shop.

5. Purchase from reputable breeders/shops
Make sure to purchase your shrimps from reputable breeders. I have seen some unethical breeders selling their usual CRS at a high price claiming that it is pure. Reputable breeders and shops would not make such risk to tarnish their reputation.

I do hope these tips will assist you in your purchase and always tell your partners you got it at an extremely good deal($5-$10 is a safe range) even thou you burnt a hole in your pocket.

Good luck and have fun!

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