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Golden Back Yellow


Neocaridina Davidi sp Golden Back Yellow


As the name suggest, this shrimp is bred for its bright yellow colour with its distinctive stripe from its head to tail. Golden Back Yellow are generally larger in size among Neocaridina and are fairly easy to breed.

Size: 1.8 – 2 cm

pH: 6.5 – 8

gH: 3 – 8

kH: 1 – 5

TDS: 150 - 220

Hey, shrimp enthusiasts! We want to keep you informed about our 100% pond-bred shrimps and a couple of potential parasites that may be present. We treat them upon arrival, but sometimes, Vorticella and Scutariella Japonica can remain dormant in the host. Don't worry, though—they're pretty harmless and easily treatable with epsom salt.