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N30 Bio White Media


N30 Bio White Media


N30 Premium Bio White filter media enables beneficial nitrifying bacteria to establish quickly, and accelerates the bio-filtration process in your aquarium. Highly porous and cylindrical in shape, the bio white media allows water to flow freely through it so that the entire aquarium can be filtered quickly and efficiently. The bacteria colonies within the filter media work continually to break down nitrogenous wastes naturally and this process keeps the aquarium water clean and safe for aquatic livestocks. N30 Premium Bio White filter media is suitable for freshwater and marine aquarium.


  • Highly-porous ring with massive surface area that promotes colonisation of beneficial bacteria
  • Beneficial bacteria break down ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and dissolved nitrogenous compounds
  • Promotes fast and efficient filtration
  • Results in clearer, cleaner water
  • Reduces frequency of water changes significantly
  • Suitable for fresh and saltwater aquarium
  • Ideal for canister filters and sumps
  • Will not affect pH levels
  • Can wash and re-use


  • Highly porous and absorbent
  • pH neutral
  • Sintered glass composition
  • Inert and safe


N30 Premium Bio White filter media is suitable for:

  • Freshwater, marine and saltwater aquarium
  • Suitable for most filtration system