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Pleco Ceramics DIY Paste


Pleco Ceramics DIY Paste


Plecoceramics DIY paste for feeding plecos
It is exactly the same food that we use in their farm.

- Gammarus
- insects meal
- shrimp meal
- blood worms
- benthic freshwater algae
- wheat meal
- freshwater sponges
- potassium sorbate
- Vitamin C, Vitamin E

Carefully mix the contents of one pack (10g of food) with 30ml of water, pouring it directly into the bag (add a few more drops of water if necessary). Then stick the resulting adhesive paste onto the aquarium glass or underwater objects (roots, stones) in small doses that the fish would completely eat in a short period of time. For 4-5 medium-sized fish, a 0.5 cm in diameter sphere shoud be sufficient. Try to remove unnecessary food residues to avoid unnecessary pollution of the water in the tank. Store the remaining amount of food in the refrigerator in a well-sealed bag for no longer than 14 days.

Learn how to use it here: