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Pleco Ceramics Spirulina Tablets


Pleco Ceramics Spirulina Tablets


One of the key ingredients in this tablet is Spirulina, making up 30% of the tablet's contents. Unlike other brands that use only 1-2% Spirulina for marketing purposes, we use it as a primary ingredient because of its high protein content of 57-65% and a complete amino acid profile with 18 different amino acids, including 8 essential ones. Fishmeal, commonly used by other manufacturers, contains only 10-12 amino acids.

The tablet also includes 12% pumpkin, a high-quality additive rich in fiber and vitamins A and beta-carotene, which is essential for herbivorous fish such as Ancistrus. Additionally, 8% insect meal is added, which is a natural ingredient that stimulates fish breeding, as insects often undergo their larval stages in water.

Our Plecoceramics Spirulina Tablets are ideal for most Loricariidae catfish, and we're confident that your fish will love it too! Try it out today!