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Red Rili


Red Rili


Neocaridina Davidi sp Red Rili


With Fire Red shrimp being very popular for a while, breeders start to go in-depth in breeding Rili shrimps. Red rili has a transparent portion right in the middle of its body. When they are berried, you can see their eggs clearly inside them.

Size: 1.8 – 2 cm

pH: 6.5 – 8

gH: 3 – 8

kH: 1 – 5

TDS: 150 - 220

Hey, shrimp enthusiasts! We want to keep you informed about our 100% pond-bred shrimps and a couple of potential parasites that may be present. We treat them upon arrival, but sometimes, Vorticella and Scutariella Japonica can remain dormant in the host. Don't worry, though—they're pretty harmless and easily treatable with epsom salt.