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SaltyShrimp Black Water Powder SE/Fulvin+


SaltyShrimp Black Water Powder SE/Fulvin+


Black Water Powder is a mixture of valuable trace elements as well as humic and fulvic acids with a multitude of positive effects on your aquarium and its inhabitants.

•  rich in important trace elements
•  protects your tank from a dangerous pH drop
•  reduces algae proliferation
•  strengthens the immune system of your tank inhabitants
•  binds to ammonium and reduces the danger of ammonia formation
•  has a very high cation exchange activity and binds to heavy metals
•  acts as natural chelator and thus maintains the reduced form of micronutrients and iron
•  improves growth and promotes reproduction e.g. for bee shrimp
•  acts as alternative to carbonate buffers and is thus irreplaceable in soft water where carbonate hardness is unwelcome
•  antibacterial, reduces the bacterial load (of Aeromonas- and Pseudomonas spp.) on internal organs
•  fungicidal, acts preventative in the case of fungal infections even at low concentrations
•  has a positive supporting effect on the treatment of inflammatory gill conditions
•  reduces external hormonal influences and stress induced by them
•  has a positive effect on necroses of fin edges and gills
•  plants are provided with a suitable carbon source by metabolisation of its components
•  makes the water crystal clear