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3 things to know about Taiwan Bee shrimp

Posted by Mad Shrimp on
3 things to know about Taiwan Bee shrimp

3 things to know about Taiwan Bee shrimp

Taiwan Bee shrimp is a unique deformity that appeared many years ago. Since it has appeared in the market, it has created tons of new variants. Taiwan Bees are mainly the following shrimps: Blue Bolts, Wine Red and Black King Kong shrimps. Let’s dive into three things you need to know about Taiwan Bee!

A mutation from the OG

The origin of Taiwan Bee is little or even unknown. But base on what I have gathered from several breeders, this is what exactly happened!

The first mutation that appeared was a blue bolt. One breeder who was breeding Crystal Red Shrimps had an offspring that was clear white and showed a blueish tint. It was later shared among friends and the offspring started to have Black King Kong shrimps and Wine Red shrimps. It was then bred at a massive scale and most of the shrimps that we see today has ancestral lineage to these shrimps.

They are extremely sensitive in the past

As these shrimps are considered deformities, their genetics was extremely unstable, and they die really easily. In order to strengthen the genes of these shrimps, they were cross bred with Crystal Red Shrimps again to produce the F1 generation. The F1 shows mainly Crystal Red Shrimps and Crystal Black Shrimps, but with the recessive genes of Taiwan Bee.

The F1 is used to cross back with Taiwan Bee to produce F2, which have about 50% Taiwan Bee. These Taiwan Bee have stronger genetic and do not die so easily due to stronger genetics from the CRS.

Taiwan Bees these days are quite hardy as they have been bred for many years. They are also the key to most of the hybrid shrimps that we see now.


The magic key

When Taiwan Bee was introduced into the market, it unlocks a series of shrimps that we see today. Shrimps like our German Pinto, Taiwan Pinto, Galaxy shrimps and even Purple King Kong. The first hybrid shrimp that came to light was German Pinto, during its launch, these shrimps fetch a price of about $500USD and above.


Taiwan Bee is still widely use and appreciated in many ways these days. Female shrimps can be useful to create hybrid shrimps, which is why they are more expensive. However, for avid Fancy Tiger lovers, having Taiwan Bee blood in the shrimp would be considered as cull. Fancy Tigers in their pure blood lines, which means having just CRS x Tiger shrimp are worth a lot of money. They can go up to $5000USD a piece due to the pureness of the blood line.

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