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Golden Eyes

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Golden Eyes

In my previous post about Galaxy shrimps which you can find here, I mentioned that shrimps are constantly evolving and even as you are reading this, someone out there is crossing out something new. Today I’ll be sharing about a new mutation – Golden Eye shrimps!

One of my favourite type of shrimps are the Golden Eyes.

Golden eye shrimps started out with these bad boys in the picture above, the Orange Eye Blue Tiger (OEBT) . These tiger shrimps comes with golden or silver eyes. However, due to market demand, orange eyes are more selectively bred and eventually, silver eye tigers are extremely scarce in the market right now. These beautiful blue tigers have different texture of blue, and some even comes with a rustic color as they grow older.

Back then in the past, these shrimps only survive in higher pH and higher TDS parameters. But these days, breeders have acclimatise these shrimps to be able to survive with your crystal shrimps. Therefore, with the high success rate of these shrimps being able to survive with the other shrimps, different variant of golden eye shrimps have been bred.

Despite the different variants of golden eye shrimps, most of them tend to have clear bodies due to their parentage of the OEBT. Tiger shrimps tend to pass down their transparent bodies to their descendants and it can be used to create cool looking shrimps like the one above. However, due to mutations, it is also possible to have different types of golden eye shrimps like black king kong golden eye.

The evolution of golden eye shrimps have reached a new level and the list goes on and on on the different variants. They are very interesting shrimps and can be used to cross out very interesting colors of shrimps which I will be sharing in a later post.

If you wish to purchase some of these shrimps, you can always drop me an email at and I can recommend you some breeders with these amazing shrimps.

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