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Galaxy (银河) Shrimp

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Galaxy (银河) Shrimp

What exactly is a galaxy shrimp?

The constantly evolving shrimp world is coming up with new variants so fast that hobbyist could not keep up with the trend. Today, I will be introducing what a galaxy shrimp is and I guess pictures do speak a thousand words. So bear with this post, it is gonna be heavily bombarded with pictures!

A galaxy shrimp, or in mandarin 银河虾 comes with tiny spots on the head.  The focus of galaxy is on the head, the more tiny spots it has, the more costly it gets. It could be a few specks of tiny spots like the picture above or one with immensely lots of spots at the head.

Galaxy comes with certain attribute, it could be a Galaxy shrimp with zebra pattern, or a Galaxy shrimp with fishbone pattern or any random pattern. How much the shrimp would cost would depend solely on how well define the pattern of the shrimps are bred. For instance, a perfectly well define Galaxy Fishbone would cost a lot more than one with poorly define Fishbone pattern on the shrimp.

Galaxy shrimps comes through many generations of breeding to produce such fine patterns. It is unknown on how the patterns are refine through generations of cross breeding, but they are widely available for purchase from various breeders right now. Many hobbyist have gain success by crossing two Galaxy shrimp together, some have said to have a high percentage of offspring with spots on the head.

For hobbyist who have a lower budget, you can consider using Galaxy “gene” shrimp to cross with a Galaxy to get better offsprings. These gene shrimps cost a lot lesser than a well define Galaxy shrimp, you definitely wouldn’t need to sell a kidney for one of these!

And as usual, the red Galaxy shrimp would cost a lot more than their black siblings. A rough guide would be red ones are usually twice the price of a black one.

Galaxy shrimps tend to have more spots as they grow older, therefore it is hard to see it’s full potential when the shrimp is still a juvenile. You might get some surprises from one that has no spots and eventually turn to be full spotted when it is mature.

Galaxy shrimps are a mystery, they are fun with many surprises when you breed them. They come with many different variant when you breed them, if would be good to have some spare tanks for culling when you are doing selective breeding.

If you are looking to purchase some Galaxy shrimps in Singapore, you can email at and I can hook you up with some breeders here in Singapore. You can also look into MADSHRIMP’s facebook group here for some auctions of these shrimps posted by breeders in Singapore.

Lastly, we would like to thank everyone who supported our online store during it’s launch. The response was tremendous and we would really like to thank everyone who supported us. We are currently improving our delivery system so that you get your items faster and also stocking up on stocks so your favourite items won’t get out of stock! So bear with us, we are improving and your sincere feedback would really help us move up to the next level.

We will be away in Taiwan for the first week of August, we will be back with more goodies and pictures to satisfy your curiosity about shrimp breeding 🙂

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