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Cleaning Crew: Yamato

Posted by Mad Shrimp on
Cleaning Crew: Yamato

Too lazy or tired to maintain your shrimp tanks?
Sick and tired of your tank looking like the Borneo forest?

Well guys, let me introduce you to one of the most traditional handyman for your shrimp tank. Not only is it friendly, it is extremely hardworking and the cost to hire this handyman? Probably $1.50SGD would buy yourself this cute little guy.

It is none other than Yamato Shrimp a.k.a Amano Shrimp (Caridina multidentata).

These tiny yet effective creatures got their nickname “Amano Shrimps” from the late Takashi Amano. Takashi Amano is a famous aquascaper, well known for using these algae eaters in his tanks.

Yamato shrimps are extremely friendly creatures and will not harm the other shrimps in your tank. They might be a little aggressive during feeding, so they are better to be kept in community tanks.

They can be kept at extreme parameters as they are pretty hardy. They will get berried in your freshwater tank, but in order for the eggs to hatch, it needs to be transferred to brackish water, else the eggs will drop from the belly of the Yamato shrimp when the time comes without the shrimplets hatching.

They clear up most algae and dead plant in your tank, I would suggest purchasing the smaller ones as they tend to grow up to as big as 6cm!

In summary, although they do not appear as fancy like crystal shrimps, but they are extremely helpful in your algae infested tank. You could get these shrimps easily from any LFS (Local Fish Shop) in Singapore as well.

One of the greatest critter to have in your shrimp tank!

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