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Hidden Gems by KK Lam

Posted by Mad Shrimp on
Hidden Gems by KK Lam

Today we are fortunate enough to be invited to one of the hobbyist house to visit his shrimp tanks. Lam is great guy and have started this hobby about 3 months back. Although a short period into this hobby, Lam have very good knowledge in rearing these pets as he have been an animal lover for many years.

Lam keeps a couple type of shrimps now, they are mainly Fancy Tigers, Pure Black Line, Pure Red Line, Blue bolts, Black King Kong and a nice three feet community tank. He enjoys watching these tiny critters grazing for feed, and as always, the best part of this hobby is to see your shrimps get berried.

He mentions that the surprises from crossing different types of shrimps together is very interesting. Especially shrimps of the tiger variant, they tend to have more different patterns and colors during cross breeding, and thus it is never boring to see the different offsprings that they produce.

As I would like to say, there is no ugly shrimp and every shrimp has it’s own beauty. He keeps all his cull shrimps into a three feet community tank to see what surprises he can get. Here we have more pictures of all his beauties!

Here we have his shrimp in boxing stance!

A Mosura Blue Bolt grazing on SL-Aqua Aqualex Vitality!

Blue bolt grazing around some alder cones. Alder cones are very good decorative items in your shrimp tanks as they do not harm the shrimp in small amounts. They tend to lower down the pH of your water but on a very minimal scale.

Check out how much his shrimps love the alder cones. I must say that Lam have maintained his shrimp tanks very well as you can see good active activity from the shrimps and most of his female shrimps are berried.

We were actually here for this shrimp. This shrimp has a nice distinct yellow head with a little transparent white body. It looks very slick and is currently berried at the size of 1.6cm.

Here we have another shot of this piece! It is being housed in his three feet tank where he keeps all his cull shrimps to see what surprises he can have. Seems like Lam’s effort is paying off!

A SL-Aqua Aqualex Vitality fan! Keeping your shrimps healthy with all the nutrients in one bag. In this tank, Lam keeps all his black spotted pinto with his blue bolts, the shrimps are all growing healthy and most of them are berried. Lam keeps a decent amount of mosses in his tank so that shrimplets can hide in them away from danger. Good hiding spots can increase the survival rate of shrimplets as they can hide easily from danger.

A potential black zebra galaxy grazing on his fissiden moss.

Lam is still continuing to improve on his shrimp quality. A very knowledgable and experience gentlemen! We definitely would like to thank him for the hospitality shown at his place and wish him all the best in breeding more quality shrimps!

His pioneer female which gave birth to lots of beautiful shrimps for him in this short span!

If you would like to share your beautiful shrimps with us over at your place, feel free to drop me an email at We would love to come photograph your beauties and learn from you!

If you are looking for some alder cones, you can contact Aaron at 9739 2631, he sells them at very affordable prices.

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