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More mutations?

Posted by Mad Shrimp on
More mutations?

Hello again everyone, a very happy father’s day to all fathers reading this post.

As we all know, cross breeding is so common now and many hobbyist are also focusing on mutations of their shrimps. In fact mutations is the main source of how this hobby started from normal bee shrimps to crystal red shrimps.

But today, let’s talk about mutations from Galaxy Pinto.
Traditionally, Galaxy Pintos would just need to have spots on the head.

It can be as simple as the shrimp above, from zebra pattern to skunk pattern or even a fishbone pattern. It can be anything but as long as there are spots on the head, it would be considered as a Galaxy Pinto.

Eventually the Fishbone Galaxies took over the market and more breeders started to focus on having the fishbone pattern with spots on the head.

Galaxy stardust started to come from these Galaxy fishbone and it became extremely popular. With these constant mutations, you definitely need a fat stack to keep up with the trend!

A little fact about galaxy when it started out in the market, many people deemed that the body pattern is not crucial and only focus on the spots on the head. While the end users are just buying shrimps with spots on the head, the breeders have a good pool of shrimps with good body pattern with galaxy appearance as well. Once the market for galaxy fishbone became heated, many breeders made A LOT of money from these galaxy fishbone.

Galaxy Fishbone started to mutate with spots on the body as above. These shrimps are known to be called stardust. Premium ones usually have a nice fishbone pattern, with tiny spots on the head and body with spider legs. Male stardust tend to have lesser spots and broken fishbone pattern. A good male would cost a lot of money and are usually hard to find.

Mid way through while stardust is getting popular, the emergence of the boa shrimp appeared from the famous breeder Skyfish. Unfortunately I do not have a picture of the shrimp, but you can check it out from his website here.

Perhaps the closest in picture that I have would be something like this. It has huge spots and a full patch at the back of the body with a metallic blue colour. The name boa came from the snake which has similar skin colour to the metallic blue.

As the trend is always moving and changing in the shrimp industry, some hobbyist prefer these shrimps with a little of the tiger pattern like the shrimp below.

The shrimp has also a fishbone pattern with spots on the head and body. However the key thing is that at the bottom of the body, there is strips coming up half way to the body. They look like some kind of fancy tiger x stardust shrimp.

Lastly, while still in the making, these shrimps that have huge spots and huge stripes coming from the top and bottom of the body, these are slowly getting popular and some hobbyist named it the lightning shrimp as the stripes look like lightning bolts from the sky.

There are so many mutations from these shrimps and many breeders are refining them to bring in new variations to the market. I guess that’s the fun part of this hobby. Again, these mutations don’t stop here and I’m sure as time passes, I’ll be glad to blog more about other variations that I can find.

I would like to hear your thoughts on these shrimps and you can always contact me at!

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