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Is RODI important?

Posted by Mad Shrimp on
Is RODI important?

The question of whether having a RODI system is very common to most aquatic hobbyist. Today, we are here to discuss about this question in detail to shrimp keeping.

What is the meaning of RODI?
RODI actually means Reverse Osmosis De Ionized. Reverse osmosis is the process of forcing water through a partially permeable membrane. This partially permeable membrane is so fine that it only allows pure water to pass through it and blocks most of the particles that you can find in your tap water from flowing through. De-ionized water passes through a certain resin which absorbs the remaining mineral ions left. After these processes, what comes out is water that is extremely pure and usually measures at 0 total dissolved solid.

Benefits of RODI water
While in Singapore, our tap water are really safe for drinking, but it can be really harmful to our aquatic pets mainly because it is loaded with chlorine and chloramine. You may think that this can be easily overcome with the traditional anti chlorine solutions, but there are still many other substances in our tap water that is harmful to aquatic pets.

Unlike fishes, freshwater shrimps are extremely sensitive to anything and they die without giving you any signs or warning. Therefore, to be on the right track, clean water is very important to these critters as through the process of RODI, the water is considered pure and you can re-mineralize it to safe conditions for your shrimps before adding them into your shrimp tank.

There is only one simple answer to the benefits of RODI water and that is that the water produced is extremely pure and clean!

Is it necessary to have RODI filtration
I do know of hobbyist who have successfully kept freshwater shrimps without using RODI, and on top of that, the shrimps are breeding well. But this question really boils down to how meticulous you are in handling things.

Less sensitive shrimps like Neocaridina are much easier to handle and can thrive well and are more tolerant in different conditions. More sensitive shrimps like pure red lines with thick shell, where water conditions is very important. With pure water, you can adjust the water to the right conditions and add the right minerals in it so that your shrimps won’t get affected by unnecessary substances. If you could spend hundreds of dollars on your shrimps, i’m sure you could do the same to get a good water filtration.


In summary, I would prefer using a RODI filter as I can condition the filtered water to my desired levels without worrying about what is coming from the pipes of my tap. MADSHRIMP also carries a range of RODI filter which we have some sleek looks to it.

This cool looking machine is our current RODI system and it does it’s job efficiently. Extremely great for your new modern looking home and also it’s cartridges are easy to change. Come speak to us at our newly abode to learn more about this.

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