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Good minerals are very essential to our shrimps, they help give our shrimp strong and healthy shell that protects them from harm. Aside from that, a healthy shrimp would be able to molt properly with a healthy shell. Minerals flowing around in our aquarium and can be measured by TDS, a good amount of minerals would help our shrimps with their shell growth.

We have some frequently asked questions from hobbyist about minerals and we would like to share this questions with you guys today as we felt that it is important.

Why do I still have to add minerals when my tap water is already TDS 70?

Minerals is a very vague form for chemical compound. There are many things that can be classified as minerals and only some of them are beneficial to our shrimps. Yes, there are minerals in our tap water but not all of them are good for our shrimps. So adding in minerals to your tank is still very important.

With that being said, wouldn’t adding more minerals to my tap water increase my TDS significantly?
TDS would definitely rise as there are more mineral compounds in your water. Shrimps that are more tolerant to changes will be able to thrive in these conditions but the more sensitive shrimps like our Caridina Cantonesis might have trouble with these parameters. We still strongly suggest to use a RODI machine for your precious shrimps.

Which minerals are best for our shrimps?
In my entire shrimp keeping experience, I have only been using one brand of minerals, that is SL-Aqua mineral or Aqualex minerals. It have been proven to be very efficient for me. There are many brands out in the market which you could experiment with, however for the specific mineral compound that is beneficial to our shrimp I am uncertain about that.

Is it a MUST to add minerals if I am using RODI?
That without a doubt would be a big yes from me. Minerals again are very essential and they help with the growth of your shrimp shell. The shrimp shell provides protection for it which is why it is so important.

These are some frequently asked questions that we have received from hobbyist. If you have any more information or questions about minerals, feel free to drop us an email at

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